Pre-Ride To-Do's

The sooner you do these things, the better.  After 14 years, we have this down pat!


Join our team, it’s cheaper if you do it early. And be sure to invite friends, colleagues, and family members to join, too. The more, the merrier!

Handle your accommodations

The ride will be starting once again in Frisco and our pre-ride dinner will be there.  Though it’s certainly not required, a lot of people get a room at the Embassy Suites in Frisco for the night before the ride.  To book, call 972-712-7200 and ask for the special SAM’S CLUB MS 150 room rate. For the overnight on Saturday, you can camp at the Texas Motor Speedway or stay in a hotel.  If you want to camp, just plan to bring your gear; no need to do anything else.

But we Devils also need our beauty sleep and many of us stay at the Hampton Inn Alliance Airport (817-439-0400). Call soon and ask for a room in the Feisty Devils team block.

You can find additional accommodation information on the ride website.

Get team riding gear

You’ll definitely want to suit up in some of our hot Feisty Devils attire!  New riders (or veterans who want a new jersey) can buy them team events, including most rides, our team packet pick-up a few weeks before the ride, and the big pre-ride party the night before the ride.  We also have Feisty Devils shorts, t-shirts, and arm warmers.

It's fun to be bad! It's even more fun when you are a devil.

Become a Devil!