Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of questions people have about the MS150,
here are some answers to ones we hear most often.

Sounds like fun, but there is no way I can ride 160 miles. Is there a shorter route?
Yes! You can ride as little as 10 miles and still be an MS150 rider. The rest stops are approx. 10 miles apart, so you can just think of the event as a series of 10 mile rides. You can do as many or as few as you choose. Check out the official website for route options and maps.  
I have friends who want to support me and the cause, but I couldn’t get them on a bike if my life depended on it. Any ideas?

Yes, 2 ideas:

1) They can sponsor you. They can donate any amount to help you raise money and support the cause.

2) They can volunteer. We have a very cool team tent, and we need people to help!  Interested volunteers should contact us.

How much does it cost?
Not much. There is a small event registration fee - and its lower when you sign up early. There is no fee to be on the team but we recommend that team members buy our team gear.
How much do I have to raise?
The minimum donation is $300. You can send letters and email to friends, family, colleagues and businesses you frequent, and you’ll find that lots of people will want to support you. Because you are awesome and the ride is for such a good cause.
Does the whole team ride together?
No. Some of our team members are blazing fast Speed Demons (you'd think they had motors strapped to themselves!) and some are beginning Fire Starters who enjoy a more leisurely pace. Lots of people ride with other team members that go at about the same speed, but doing so isn’t required. With so many people on our team, there will be someone to match your skill level.
Sounds great! But I don’t have a bike!
No problem. Some of the local bike shops support the MS150 and our team. They will rent you a great road bike for a nominal fee. Call Richardson BikeMart (972-231-3993) for more info.  Please tell them you are a Feisty Devil and that Doug and Alyce sent you.  They are great!
How should I prepare for the ride?
It is helpful to do some training in advance of the ride. We'll lead practice rides almost every weekend before the ride, check out our Event Calendar to see where we'll be. Also, there are weekly group rides from the Richardson Bike Mart that cover many different distances and speeds. Before the event we'll also email out lots of helpful information on where to go, what to do, and what to bring. First time riders can also find helpful information over on the official ride website.
What should I pack?
First and foremost, your Feisty Gear of course! But don't forget your bike, bottles, shoes, helmet, gloves, sun glasses, a change of clothes for after you ride on Saturday, your toiletries (there is a shower available at Texas Motor Speedway), and anything else you'd like to wear. There are lots of snacks and drinks along the route, but if you train with something special you should bring that along. And don't forget to pack a few bucks to tip the masseuses we have at our team tent! Each rider can bring along up to 2 bags which will be transported to and from the start line for free, so be sure to check out the official site for more suggestions and details.
How do we get around?
Your luggage will be transported for free from Frisco to Texas Motor Speedway and back to the start line, but shuttles to and from the finish line are available for an additional fee. The ride also provides free shuttles to and from hotels in the area Saturday and Sunday morning. Though you can't have friends or family follow you along the route for safety reasons, we encourage you to invite your family to cheer you across the finish line at Texas Motor Speedway and to join us afterwards at our team tent. Check out the official website for more transportation information.

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