Feisty Fifteen

Feisty Fifteen!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been burning up the roads to fight MS for 15 years already! Guess that means next year we get to drive! (Get ready for that North Texas…) We have had so much fun over the years, seeing the team grow and win awards, building long lasting friendships, and raising over $2 million for the National MS Society.

We’ve had trials and tribulations along the way, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. And the new treatments that have come onto the market recently wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s help, dedication, support, and donations. We are so thankful to be part of this amazing group.

Stay tuned this year for a series of articles showing off some of our memories of miles gone by, guaranteed to make you laugh, maybe cry a bit, but definitely shake your head at those feisty little devils!

Our National Recognition Award

First Came Texas, then Came the Nation

We are so honored tonight to have been given an award from the national office recognizing our team and all the work we’ve done to raise awareness and donations over the years. Who says being loud and proud is a bad thing? Over the past 14 years we’ve lit the roads on fire to become one of the top Friends and Family teams in our home state of Texas, our region, and now the nation. So,  what’s next? The world, of course!

Ben Bikes Across America

Ben Bikes Across America

Our very own Ben Jernigan is departing on an epic journey.  Oh sure, some people like taking vacations where they sit on a beach with a fruity drink overflowing with little umbrellas. Others like taking a road trip and getting back in touch with nature at a national park. Ben is taking it a step further (though, I am sure he’ll be dreaming of a hammock soon enough) – he’s riding across America to raise money for the National MS Society. Literally. He’s going from San Diego, CA to San Augustine, FL over the next 50 days. That’s 3,070 miles. MILES. On a bicycle. Mad props Ben, ride like hell!

Follow along with Ben’s incredible ride over on his website: http://www.cyclingben.com.

2014 Training Rides Now Posted

Spring Fever is here and what better way to battle it than on your bike! We hope you can take advantage of another early spring like day and get some time practice time with your bike.

Our practice ride trailblazers, Owen Marx and Robert Greenberg have drawn up a full schedule of practice rides until the big ride. Be sure to check our Events Calendar to see where we’ll be!

When we start at White Rock Lake, we meet at Big Thicket on the east side at 420 E Lawther Dr.  Riders can choose their pace and distance, and for newbies it’s just under 10 miles around the lake. Please email Owen at owen.marx@energyfutureholdings.com and rgreenberg@me.com if you want to join!